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our projects are BUILT BY DESIGN
We believe a builder should understand the value of good design,
and  recognize that design and construction
are intrinsically connected and cannot truly be separate.

WELCOME home to Eden Builders.


We are located on a rocky island off the coast of Maine in the historic tourist town of Bar Harbor (formerly known as Eden Village). Also home to Acadia National Park, this picturesque landscape is one of the most beautiful areas of the country - and probably the reason you find yourself here. Full of artistic energy, reinforced by the beauty of the natural landscape, this truly is Eden.


For those of us who are lucky enough to live and work here we share a unique bond which is set not just by the long, snowy winters, but more importantly by the blend of amazingly unique and talented people who we call our neighbors. Mainers have a love of the outdoors and hard work, and they dutitifully live the motto "The way life should be".


Eden Builders was born out of the appreciation for and desire to service this amazing community and it's people. Our job is to help our clients create their inspirations through a mix of professional building services customized to their scale and budget. We are excited to share our passion of this work with others by creating these places to live in this Eden.


IMAGINE what we can do for you. It's why we are here - to help you discover your own Eden.


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