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My name is Todd, and I am the Owner of Eden Builders. I am an architect by education, and and a builder by trade.


I often say that I am one of the few local 'licensed' builders since I am a licensed architect and the state of Maine doesn't license builders.

I have over 20 years experience working in the realm of design-build where every day I draw upon my knowledge and experiences as both designer and builder.


I have worked in the Midwest, on the East and Wet coasts, and studied for a year in Versailles, France. I finally settled in Bar Harbor in 2000. My wife Kirsten and I  have our home here  with our two homeschooled girls Katrina and Evelyn, and we are all grateful to be a part of, share, and contribute to this wonderful community.


Todd D. Hardy, Architect

Our Team

Eden Builders is comprised of a team of local trade professionals who bring their specific knowledge and skills together to complete our projects. Our team of associates are brought together to complete your project with consideration to skillful, yet affordable work and materials.These are the people we trust when you put your trust in us.



The employees of Eden Builders are of course its most valuable assets. We employ full-time year-round carpenters on the payroll, and we have a commitment to hiring local skilled trades persons for our carpentry crew. We are proud to provide competitive wage jobs for our employees that enable them to live in the area and raise their families. They are responsible for the day to day jobsite construction tasks of framing, roofing, siding, installing doors and windows, finish woodwork, cabinetry and many other specialized tasks. The experience and professionalism they bring to the job is essential to our success, and our clients are always disappointed to see them leave when a project is complete.



Our jobs would not succeed without the experience our dedicated subcontractors bring the the project. From sitework and concrete, to plumbing and electrical work, our subcontractors are as close to employees as they could be without actually being so. We use the same select subcontractors on all our jobs because we know they bring great attitude and provide valuable and quality work. We work seamlessly together as they know what to expect, and they are always responsive to our often difficult requirements.



Our materials suppliers and product vendors provide us with competitively priced goods and exceptional service. We have developed long-standing relationships with them based on experience and trust, to ensure the success of our projects.



We have chosen our team based on their experience and the willingness to be a team player so that we get the job done right. We know that you want Quality work done on time and on budget.


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