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Eden Builders provides design and architectural services scaled as appropriate to the unique needs of the specific client and project.  Instead of following a set methodology, we use a design process that is individualized, and often organic, as we respond to the natural evolution of a project. Additionally, we endeavor to provide only those services which are truly needed. Where a sketch will suffice, that is what we will provide. But if a more complex project requires intensive research and detailed architectural plans for a Fire Marshal approval, then we provide that service..


Some of the design services we provide are:


- Schematic design and concept studies

- Programming and budgeting

- Feasability studies and cost estimating

- Zoning and building code research and analysis

- Jurisdictional board submittals and appearances

- Sitework analysis including surveying consultation and coordination

- Engineering consultation and coordination

- Architectural construction plans

As a builder we are called upon to do all sorts of work. From replacing a rotted front door, to rennovating a commercial space, to building a new home - we have done most things and we can do them for you.


Even if we are only your builder, we find that the design experience we bring to a project is a significant benefit. Not only can we relate to your architect and his vision, we can also find design opportunities during the construction which may not have initially presented themselves on paper. Perhaps there is a simpler way to build something that will save you time and money. Sometimes good design can even mean choosing the right placement of a single nail; and we always try to work conscientiously so that we can recognize this.


Some of the building services we provide are:


- Repairs

- Rennovation

- Kitchens and bathrooms

- Porches and decks

- Additions

- New construction

- Bidding and negotiation

- Construction Project Management

- General building advice and formal consulting

- Referrals to other building professionals when appropriate




design - build

Eden Builders is a full-service general contracting construction company. We offer any and all services related to undertaking and completing building projects small and large, and we specialize in design-build projects.


We believe that successful projects are the result of practical solutions that are the proper blend of quailty, value, and style.


More and more people are coming to recognize the value of  design-build, and we believe that many projects can benefit from integrating the design process with the building solution.


From streamlining the process and controlling budgets, to improving the design during the construction when possible, we can take full advantage of a project's possibilities as they present themselves.


However, the single most important aspect of design-build is the single-source of responsibility and contact that clients can expect from the design-builder. In fact, many of our clients are relieved to put us in charge of their projects so they don't have to sweat the details or worry about coordinating the various and separate aspects of the design and construction themselves.


Every project is unique and design-build solutions often gives us the flexibilty to meet the demands of challenging and complex problems.

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